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Hey guys,
So I managed to thankfully receive offers for Medicine from Bristol and UEA but I'm unsure as to which one to pick.
Bristol has a higher cost of living but a much better reputation worldwide than UEA, but currently from what I know UEA has managed to stay in the top 15 overall for the UK for the past 3 years.
They're both easy for me to travel to, but UEA has a greater rating for TEF, UEA received Gold whilst Bristol received Silver.
These are the main issues for me when deciding which one to pick, amongst others i.e. CBL vs PBL, more financial support at Bristol vs UEA.
I would appreciate a third opinion from those with more clarity on this dilemma on which one is better going forward. I'd appreciate any input on this.
Thank you.
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Hi, I've moved your thread to the medical schools forum. Hopefully someone will be able to help advise you more here soon

I would suggest that the latter issues - CBL vs PBL, financial support, cost of living and getting to and from there, are much more important than "prestige" or "reputation". Both courses will be accredited by the GMC so you will get a foundation post once you complete the course at either. It isn't hugely important then which is more prestigious, as even for competitive specialties e.g. surgery as I understand the more important factor is what you do with your education (e.g. how well you do on the postgrad exams, what if any research you might've done, if you did an iBSc during the course etc). Outside of that bear in mind you'll be living in that area for 5-6 years so things like cost of living, transit links and even just how much you like the area are going to be pretty important. Spending 5 years in a region you hate, can barely afford and can't get around easily is not going to be conducive to doing well in your degree!

I am not a medic though, so nexttime or ecolier might be able to give more insight into things which might be worth considering for choosing between them.

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