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So 2 months ago I got a scale. Never cared about my weight for the past years or so. Now when I got the scale I can’t stop but to weigh myself at-least twice to thrice a day. Bare in mind I did lose weight (I was 77, now I’m like 70) but I’m still fat. I’m 5’6. Every time i eat I just regret it and wish I never ate almost immediately . After I realise I’m regretting it and start to remember my weight, I stop eating. So the next day I won’t eat much. It’s like I’m scared of eating but I’m still eating idk. I can’t stop but think about i ate food and how tmrw the weight in the scale is just going to increase. I don’t have an eating disorder. Ngl I do count calories.
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Be VERY careful on the path that you're on. The media bombards people with very skinny models, because they believe that the general public like skinny people, and think it's 'current' and 'attractive'. As a man, I can tell you, I do not find skinny girls attractive. I also don't find fat girls attractive either. Nowadays, most people think that 'thicc' people are all the rage, and I agree. Weight does not matter, men are more concerned about where the body fat is located, rather than body fat in general. Case in point, remember many men are interested in breasts, right? But they are essentially just lumps of fat, so you can argue that fat is not what turns people off, it's more so where it is (e.g. on the belly).
I would recommend that you stop weighing yourself and just eat a very nutritious, healthy diet consisting of wholegrains, pulses, nuts, fish/oily fish, eggs, cheese, fruit and vegetables and avoid drinking things like fizzy. By having a healthy diet, you are getting good amounts of vitamins and minerals etc. and avoiding 'empty calories'. Your skin should start to look better because your skin cells are getting the nutrients it needs.
Don't focus on weight, 70 is too low even for a girl. I'm a 5 foot 7 inch man and my weight is 154 lbs, though I do have muscles aswell. Focus on your wellbeing! Good luck!
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70kg or lb? If it’s in lb, please start eating more. That’s far too skinny. But you need to be careful anyway, because although right now you might not have an eating disorder, it can easily develop into one. Take it from me. I’ve been through this before, and it doesn’t end well.
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For me, exercise has always been the key - if you exercise then not only do you lose weight but you also feel better and do not feel guilty about eating

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