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Up until this point, I'd avoided looking at my predicted grades entirely. I have low self-confidence and am therefore very easily discouraged - one low grade and I could completely lose hope of success and give up trying. Although my teachers assure me that I'm intelligent and capable of achieving high grades, I can't help but feel that I'm a lost cause because I don't view myself as particularly intelligent, and I tend to deal with feelings of pressure by avoiding the stimulant (in this case, it's avoiding revision and work). I study Biology, English Literature, and French, and I discovered today that my predicted grades are BBB - not bad, but not great either.

At risk of giving the wrong impression, I must clarify that I DO revise and do work, but my homework is to a low standard because I do the minimum amount required so that I can completely get rid of my feelings of stress and anxiety. I'm also terrible when it comes to procrastination, I just can't knuckle down and do work at a convenient time and often find myself completing it the night before it's due. One of my main problems is that I really don't know how to handle stress in a healthy and productive manner and it has greatly affected my ability to perform in school. Up until A-Levels I'd relied on night-before/morning-of-the-exam revision and was lucky to still achieve good grades (especially as I suffered from an ear infection in both ears for 3/4 weeks of GCSE exams).

I know that one of the first steps is to develop a healthy mindset, as well as good habits. Any advice? Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

Has anyone completely turned their grades around? I've only done one set of mocks so far so I still have ample time to improve. Do you have any advice for achieving an A or A* at A-Level, especially when those weren't initially your predicted grades?

Apologies for such a long description, I included all that I felt was necessary.

Thank you to all who take the time to read this & respond 😊

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