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I’m super tired and exhausted from lack of sleep due to too much homework. This weekend I have a ton of stuff. A 3 hour exam and an important audition amongst other things. I’m super stressed out and too exhausted and burnt out to continue with school properly. Anyone experienced anything similar or have any advice on how to bounce back from being burnt out. Thanks
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I’m experiencing the exact same thing right now, have you considered talking to your teachers about this? I spoke to my head of year and she was so helpful and allowed extensions on my work because she could see my tiredness lol. I can’t say that I’m the most motivated person in my year, but I do try my best to do my homework on the night it’s set instead of procrastinating. I guess try to get organised? But I understand if you’re struggling because sometimes I’m just ladled with essays that take up far too much of my time lol.

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