Looking for anyone else who also applied to study at BIMM Birmingham Watch

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(First just a note for admins or whatever reading, this is a first time post so sorry if this is not the proper area to post this)
Hey! So i'm new to this site as a poster but have used it from time to time before since GCSE time and i was kinda influenced by a friend who has already reached out to others applying to the same uni as him.
However i'm a bit more worried about not meeting anyone in the same boat prior because i'm looking forward to studing at BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Instutute) as part of my Unconditional from their Birmingham campus. Course being Music Production btw.

If by any chance you're reading this and have also applied to BIMM i'd be interested in hearing from you. (Again sorry to mods/admin if this kinda post is not appreciated on this site)
Cheers for reading

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