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So I've decided to firm sheffield but i can't decide on which accommodation to pick. I stupidly missed the accommodation tour so I've never even seen the options. I'm really outgoing so id love accommodation that's filled with people like that too so we could all go out.

An en suite is also a big deal for me so whichever one id decide on would have to have an en suite. I thought city would be best because its closer to the clubs in town and i wouldn't have to have a long trek home but apparently endcliffe is better for social life?

Also just based on how nice the rooms actually are and what its like living there, is the bed big enough, how does the internet work, etc?
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The long trek home is actually one of the best things about Endcliffe, and it's part of what makes it so social. You will make many friends during that trek.

All the beds are single beds, literally going to be no difference in size, you'll have to go private if you want a 3/4 or double. Internet in Endcliffe/Ranmoor is the uni internet eduroam, not sure if they've moved over to that at Allen Court or if they still use ASK or whatever it was.

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