Has anyone here took hemp seed oil (not cbd oil) for anxiety disorders? Did it help? Watch

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Hi, if this isn't the place to ask this, please remove.

I have been diagnosed with panic disorder and social anxiety disorder. I used to take meds but can't afford it anymore. The medication didn't help. Lately my anxiety attacks have been getting so bad, that it's been hard for me to go out in public or even make a phone call without my mind racing and heart pounding. I was agoraphobic for a year, got a seasonal job and am back unemployed.

I'm desperate for anything to help my anxiety so I bought hemp seed oil on Amazon. They have good reviews but I would rather ask someone who has an anxiety disorder whether or not it helped. Of course it's not going to cure anxiety but i want anything that can calm me down just a bit. CBD oil is expensive so I would have to wait till I get a job to buy it. I'm in a lot of financial stress because of my parents poor health and I'm only 18.

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