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I have been told about a study that took place that would be great to use to answer some questions for my apprenticeship. However I cannot find any record of it online and no way of contacting the person that originally told me about it! Has anyone heard of it before and has any further info on it that could help?

Basically it was a study that took place (I believe in the 70s?) to show how interaction with customers had an affect on their perception of their experience. I was told it took place in a library. The first week of the study, the employees in the library provided little customer support and limited customer interaction as much as possible. They would speak only when a customer spoke to them, and keep answers short and to the point, didn't smile or convey emotion, didn't greet customer as they came and went.
Customers were interviewed afterwards and mostly said they had a poor experience, although never blamed the customer experience directly. Just things like the library was too dark, couldn't find the books I wanted, too noisy.

When they repeated the experiment the same employees were really friendly, smiled, greeted people as they came and went. Despite no change to the library itself, people viewed their experience much more positively, again without mentioning the customer service directly. Things like the library was really well laid out and bright, couldn't find what i wanted but its a popular book so i didnt mind and just picked something else, great atmosphere.

It sounds like a great study and perfect for some of my questions, but I just can't find any evidence of it actually having taken place!! So any help would be greatly appreciated!

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