Help. what should I do with my hair?

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So yesterday I went to my friend's salon to get my roots touched up as I have dyed my hair blonde and they were coming through. The first issue of the story is that my friend said it would be £20 and it came to a grand total of £55.

Today I went to college, and I do a hairdressing course, and 2 days a year we get to use the products in the salon to do each other's hair. Today was that day. So to take full advantage I was going to tone my hair purple. My friend from the salon is in the same class at college and I let her do my hair. Little did I know that she didn't really know what she is doing and now my hair is completely purple and all I get from my family and friends is that it looks utterly disgusting! (i must have to agree with them like certain parts of it is blue)

I need some advice, should I:
a)redye my hair back to the blonde.
b)wait for it to wash out.
c) (probably the most viable option) go bald and restart my hair dying journey.

I am most frustrated because I have managed to waste £55 as now my roots are purple!
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I would suggest only go bald with pre-planning: make sure you have bought a good wig which is comfy and cute, or try a bald cap to make sure you suit it, you don't want to make the situation worse! Of course, this would make your hair a lot healthier but will take many years to fully grow back.

I would suggest just waiting to wash it out. Try different styles where the worst parts are covered up perhaps, wear more hats, or try headscarves?
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Wait for a bit before you drastically shave it all off - the purple will probably dye down after a wash or two
How long is your hair now? surely it would take a while to get the same length of hair?

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