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Ok I've tried to keep this vague to avoid potential triggers- mods feel free to edit further if it's not vague enough to post as is. Sorry it's so long...

I've had a serious decline in mental health recently. Yesterday I had a GP appointment where they decided I was a serious risk to myself and said I could either go to a&e by agreement or be sectioned and taken forcibly- fair to say I went by choice in my car rather than an ambulance. I stayed in an observation ward for a few hours waiting for a crisis team assessment however it got to 11pm and they were still going to be a while.

Lond story short through some smiling etc. I persuaded the a&e people to let me leave without an assessment from the mental health team.

I'm back home now and alone and i'm getting to the stage where I think calling the crisis team number I've been given may be a good idea as I didn't get any help yesterday and things are still bad. I'm just scared about what will happen if I do call it etc. but I could probably use the extra support.

I guess I could really just use people giving me their experiences or any advice please... thanks in advance
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I'd phone them. I've been under them a few times, and some of the people who work in the team I've been under are the most caring people I've ever met. Some are morons though, but don't let that sway you. If you need the support, then you need the support. Being sectioned is not fun!

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