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Hey Guys!

So basically, long story short, i withdrew my application from Cardiff University following my dad falling ill and me needing to be closer to home. I applied to Exeter for Law following this (20 minutes from where i live) but due to the timings of everything i was a late applicant. My college contextualised my application to explain why i withdrew my application and applied late. Exeter have emailed me back explaining that they could not accept me for Law LLB (probably because spaces have gone with it being a popular subject) but could offer me Law LLB with Business. I have to decide in two weeks. The Law LLB with Business is at their cornwall campus (2 hours away) so further than Cardiff was in the first place. I have emailed asking if i could do the law modules at Exeter and the Business at Cornwall and commute but i really want to go to University this year but don't know whether it's worth commuting? I have to live at home to support my family but what shall i do? I could get a permit for parking near the university cornwall campus maybe? Can someone please help me /give me advice?

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