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So,I need some help.
I'm a self employed freelance 3d modeller, illustrator, EU citizen. I moved here in 2012. I was stuck with my jobs, so went to a Career advice and I decided to finally apply to the 3d animation Masters course.

I talked to the course leader there and fortunately he told me my portfolio shows I have the skills to start the Ma course.

But I'm a bit confused by some of the requirements.
For example, It seems I need a reference from a teacher or employer.

But I left high school in 2006-7 , and that was in another country. I can't just travel there now, and I doubt they would even properly remember me.And I've been working as a self employed artist for years now, only doing basic agency work at the beginning.

Also I got photocopies of my A-level equivalent grades, good Maths, IT etc. Just found out they want it stamped and sign by a member of the community with a high stature, lawyer or policeman etc. How to do that? Is that necessary?

Also, when to apply? The open days were this week. They advised me where and how to apply, said they are blown away by my work, "see you in September!" but different government sites quite different dates. I'll get an expensive Academic language test in early April.

The student loans, maintenance loan, and applying to courses are all pretty complicated, just trying to make sure I don't just lose another year because of a little mistake.

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