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I've been trying really hard to recover from my eating disorder recently. I've realised that it has taken too much from me and I'm fed up. Yet I feel like my body is like 'nah, not going to happen' - whenever I eat solid food at the moment I'm either sick or I spend hours feeling like I'm going to be sick. In the last week I've been sick almost every day and I'm falling so far behind in all my work. I missed my exams in February because I was stuck in bed and it's all starting to pile up. I'm spending more time at the GP surgery than I am in my own flat at the moment and started to vomit blood which was horrible (they said it was probably nothing to worry about which was a relief) but yeah, I feel kind of deflated and demoralised by the whole situation - the only foods I can tolerate without feeling horrendous physically after are yoghurt and grapes (I'm trying to make smoothies but I don't really like them) and I don't know what else I can do. Has anyone else had this experience in recovering from Anorexia and if so what did you do? Or if anyone else has any other suggestions then please let me know!

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