Any tips for History and Politics revision? (A Level)

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Hi guys! I'm currently trying to revise for my upcoming exams in the summer! I'm really struggling to find an effective way to revise. I do lots of revision but I'm struggling to remember content still. Any help would be much appreciated!
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hey! i do both of these subjects for a level and have my exams in may/june, so i'll share how i revise for them?

1. essay plans - honestly, go through every single past paper essay and plan it, maybe write a few introductions, and then once you are confident, go ahead and try writing some to time (it will really help with time pressure in the real thing, and questions can be similar!)

2. timelines (mostly for history) - i can't stress these enough!!! for topics like the French Rev (which i study), so much goes on between 1780s-1794 that i have to know and marking the key dates and events with timelines really helps

3. flashcards - i do these for prime ministers and their policies, for key wars, parliamentary acts etc (history) or key recent presidents and prime ministers, political thinkers etc (pol)...whatever you need

4. watching documentaries online really helps! also websites such as massolit (for history) and pre-chewed politics really are fantastic for helping you digest revision (i would recommend buying these if your school does not have access - they are a great investment)

5. mixing it up - combining lots of methods together will really help you digest content, so maybe one day write some notes, the next make a quizlet on key details, another day make timelines or mindmaps will help you work out the best way to revise for you!

i hope some of this helps!

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