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I am currently on my gap year, working full time before I go travelling (can't wait!). In my A-levels I achieved an A* in Psychology, a B in English lit and a B in Drama.

Just a bit of context - I would like to consider myself as a 'people person' and I really want to find a career which I love, and find rewarding. However, I'm not in denial about how difficult that can be in this day & age...

Some options which appeal to me are teaching, dramatherapy, child-therapy, working for a charity and working with kids who have additional needs.

I am facing a slight dilemma, and I would really appreciate opinions.

I actually applied for different courses: Psychology AND Psychology with Education. The two unis I am deciding between are SUSSEX for Psychology, or the university of BATH for Education with Psychology. I have visited Bath (loved it), but haven't yet visited Sussex (am doing so very soon). Here is my issue:

BATH (ED WITH PSYC): The course I love the look of. I also love the place.
Like how it is a very small department/community based. However, the course is not BPS accredited, which (I think) means that it would be harder for me to get into a career in the Psychological field. Additionally, and I don't know how much to read into this, it is not even listed in the top 100 unis for Education, despite having relatively high entry requirements. I feel like I would really really enjoy the course, most likely more than straight Psychology, but would it be regarded as a pointless degree? I would really appreciate honesty.

SUSSEX (PSYC): I still like the look of the course. I really enjoyed Psyc A-level, nevertheless, I preferred the social side of Psyc than the science side and worry that at uni this has more focus. Haven't yet visted the uni but like the look of it. Also very aware that Psychology is a massive department at the uni, so very different to Bath. Psyc at Sussex is high up in the league tables.

Ultimately, what it boils down to is whether I choose a course I believe I will enjoy more (Education with Psyc) or a course which is considered more rigorous and potentially will be open more doors?

Please let me know your thoughts/ experiences!


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