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So I did a blood test and my liver enzymes AST and ALT are high (assuming its due to drinking as I'm a first year at uni...)

However, my parents don't know about this as I've told them everything is okay. They now want to take the blood test results to the doctor to show it to her. I'm meant to print the blood test results out for my parents so I can:
i) show them the real results (will have a lot of trouble at home as my parents don't know I drink- strict parents)
ii)use my blood test results from last time - everything was okay
iii)photoshop the results by putting the levels a bit lower (so it's within the limit but still high so the doctor realises its high but not too high...)

I am in a big dilemma.... and the doctor's appointment is tomorrow so need to figure something out before!
thank you

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