Considering returning to Uni 24?

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Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone can help me make a decision or maybe share some wisdom that could unscramble my head in terms of returning to education.

I'm Currently 23 and have been considering going back to University to study for a while now. Initially I didn't go to university as I opted for the Apprenticeship route, upon realizing that a trade wasn't for me, I dropped out after 2 years. In the mean time I have been working part-time in retail feeling more and more unsatisfied, getting myself into a bigger rut. I am educated up to A-level, holding a double award at BC grade which I studied back at College.

I'd like to study History at a London University, so after researching some of the universities in London, I quite liked the look of Queen Mary. However requirements ask for ABB and a mandatory grade in History, which I unfortunately do not have. This throws quite a significant curve ball as I'd have to spend a year studying the A-level most likely online and achieve an A at least to stand a chance. I'm quite open to the idea of going back to achieve the History A-level as I'd like to make my experience worth it and beneficial but this would mean I wouldn't start 1st year until I'm 25 assuming I achieve an A.

Starting university at the mentioned age wouldn't mean obtaining my degree until a minimum of 28 which does seem quite old to me. This leads me to question whether I should apply to a Uni which doesn’t have such rigorous entry requirements such as Westminster or Greenwich. I guess I feel a bit apprehensive as my friends are all getting on with their lives/careers and I'd just be starting out at Uni.

I guess my question is, does this seem worth it with the prerequisites that I'd have to acquire before I can even apply? Or should I apply to a lesser university? Or even just explore alternative avenues to university? How have some of you other mature students got on? Anyone had any experiences at Queen Mary?

I'm beginning to fester on this decision (or lack of) so if anyone has any words of advice or can offer any assistance it'd be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

(Sorry if it’s a long one)
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a) yes, definitely have a look at other universities because there are ones that have an equally good reputation and much lower requirements

b) look at foundation courses for history because often a foundation course doesn’t require that a level and it’s like doing an extra year of uni

c) it’s absolutely fine to go to uni at this age. There’s no age limit to education (my 50yr old teacher is doing a 5th degree part time!!) and you have the rest of your life to work so just go for it
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Take age out of the equation. It affects very little in the grand scheme of things. Focus on the other factors when making your decision(s).

(I started my second degree at 25 and been here almost two years now. No regrets.)

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