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I have recently chosen Nottingham as my firm choice taking computer science, Im a bit stuck on where i should choose my accommodation. I definitely want to go self catered but I don't know where i should apply, i know the comp sci is course is held in the jubilee campus but some posts i've read are saying the student life is not as good here as the main park? Any infomation is a big help, thanks.
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So yeah compsci is on Jubilee Campus so your accommodation options are;

Raleigh Park (closest and most lively, mostly full of freshers and is a uni accommodation so SU events happen here too)
Nottingham 2 (more luxury accommodation, they have ensuites and studios, mostly has internationals and non-freshers)
SPC (uni accommodation so has SU events too, large amount of freshers but is a little further away)
Riverside (the closest accommodation but very quiet, not many freshers here)

If you definitely want self-catered accommodation then I would choose something closer to Jubilee campus as your only option on UP is Broadgate which is quite far. It will always be more sociable to be on UP as there are far more students and activities happening there but it's very easy to get to by hopper bus. Also I'm sure some compsci friends will be living on UP so it would be easy to join with them to any events.

My personal recommendation would be Raleigh as it's the closest and most sociable on Jubilee. If you stay there you'll actually wonder how many parties can be held in one week, so there will be no lack of events to go to.

Let me know if you want anymore information, happy to help
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Thats very helpful thank you for the reply

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