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Hey guys,

I'm actually doing a survey on the internet banking and traditional banking. Grateful if you could please help, thank you.

*Internet banking stands for: online services
*Traditional banking stands for: going physically in branches
1. What is your age group?

o 18-25
o 26-40
o 41-55
o 56-65

2. Are you an internet banking user or a traditional banking user?

3. How internet banking/traditional banking helps you in your life?

4. Which of the above is more time consuming? Why?

5. What are the services, offered by banks, that you use through internet banking/traditional banking?

6. Which between internet banking/traditional banking do you find easier?

7. Which of internet banking/traditional banking is more advantageous and cost less, in terms of fees and charges?

8. Which of internet banking and traditional banking is safer? Why?

9. In your opinion, what is the best way to make internet banking/traditional banking safer?

10. What could make you change your mind to use internet banking/traditional banking?

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