Swapping UCAS firm and insurance choices

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Making this thread for anyone that would appreciate help when swapping their firm and insurance choices in UCAS, as there was limited help available when I was going through this process.

After replying to your firm and insurance choices, you can swap your choices easily by calling the UCAS undergraduate number (0371 468 0 468) within the first fourteen days after you’ve made your decision.

After 14 days, it’s a slightly longer process, but it’s not as complicated as people seem to suggest. It took me a month to decide I wanted to swap my choices.

How I did it:

Step one: E-mail your firm and Insurance to alert them of your decision.

I e-mailed the law admissions at my firm choice (University of Kent) and my insurance choice (University of Birmingham) and politely informed them of my decision to swap my choices (I wanted to make Birmingham my firm instead, and have Kent as my insurance).

Kent got back to me the day after I e-mailed saying they were happy to go ahead with the decision. Birmingham did the same the following day.

Step Two: Call UCAS

Immediately after receiving both e-mails, I called the UCAS undergrad number (0371 468 0 468) and told them about my decision to swap. Make sure to have your UCAS personal ID available as they do ask for this to speed up the process.

As the universities would have notified UCAS giving their consent to go ahead with the swap, all UCAS need is your consent, which you give simply over the call. They ask a short series of security questions, and then the swap is done! The call only lasted 3 minutes and it’s immediately available to see on your UCAS track. This whole process took 2 days in total.

Hope this helped!
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Congratulations. And lucky you for having universities that were quick to answer your email and notify ucas. Not every university is so helpful - some ignore emails for weeks/months and some don’t know how to notify ucas that they agree (particularly universities that don’t have central admissions - often only one or two people will have access to notify ucas of their agreement).

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