Need help in Food preparation and nutrition NEA 1

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Gcse Nea1-Food preparation 2019
1. NEA 1 Task-Write up your task...word for word!
The flavour and texture of pastry is important. Investigate the functional and chemical properties of ingredients used to make shortcrust pastry.

2. Task analysis- Say what you intend to investigate and what and what you intend on researching to reach a conclusion. Flour/Fat/water.

3. Section A (Max Marks=6) Research- conduct a research on the ingredients to be investigated (for example types of fat/temperature and amount of)
The research should demonstrate how ingredients work and why. You should carry out research into the ingredients to be investigated. The outcome of the research should clearly inform the nature of the practical investigation and be used to establish a hypothesis or prediction for the food investigation task.

From AQA exam board the advice is... Students should:
1. Analyse the task, explaining the background research
2. Carry out secondary research, using different sources, focusing on the working characteristics, functional and chemical properties of the ingredients.
3. Analyse the research and use the findings to plan the practical investigation.
4. Establish a hypothesis/predict an outcome as a result of the research findings. The hypothesis should be a statement which may be proved or disproved.

4. Hypothesis- State what you intend on finding out from your investigations.

5. Section B(Max Marks=15)- Investigations- What experiments do you intend on undertaking and what do you expect to find out?

Experiment 1- Possibly-test types of flour used in short crust pastry
Test and conclusion of experiment- results- Do taste tests and write up table
Experiment 2- Possibly- Test types of butter or margarine
Test and conclusion of experiment- results-Do taste tests and write up table

6. Section C (Max Marks=9)- Analysis and Evaluation- Write a detailed conclusion and evaluation of your experiments and the tasks you have done. Discuss the details of your experiments, what ingredients you have used and their reaction. Conclude your evaluation be reflecting on your hypothesis and say if your theory was proven or disproven. Did the outcome of your investigations were as you predicted or were they not? Say what results you achieved.

7. Bibliography- List of all research materials, Books, websites you have used for reference

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