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This thread is a continuation of: CTAM: Count to a million and be the first forum to do it (Part 39)

Welcome to the 40th part of CTAM! We've hit the 40% mark!

A quick recap of the rules:
The Rules
1) One number per post please.
1a) Please make sure to post a number with every post. Make sure it is correct, it should match up with the post no. in the top right (e.g. #5689) If it doesn't then please edit it (don't delete it!)
1b) If a wrong number is posted and left unedited for a reasonable amount of time then a user can invoke "Rule 16b" (see example)
2) Multiple posts are allowed, but no more than 10 in a row.
3) If someone posts spam/disrupts the thread then ignore that post. It will be reported and deleted.
4) PBUs will not be tolerated and any post made by PBUs will be deleted.

Thread features from the previous thread:
Thread Features
- Palindromes: A Palindrome (or "Pali" ) is simply a number that's the same forward as it is backwards e.g. 175571. There are ten per thread so good luck!
- Daily Medals: Whoever gets the most, second most and third most will get a medal, see the leaderboard below. All individuals' counts are tallied and each day can be found in the leaderboard post below.
- Sprint Sunday: A competition every Sunday to see how many posts we can make in a day, and the highest poster wins! (Discontinued for now)
- 100 Posts: People like to get counts that end in 00 and the stats for these are discontinued but can be found Here

Happy Counting!

Leaderboard for Top Posters
Leaderboard for Palindromes
Leaderboard for Daily Medals
Hall of Rare Numbers

If you have any queries, don't hesitate to either contact myself or one of the other regular posters on this thread, who will be more than willing to help.
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Accidental thread, dont post in here guys. True Part 40 can be found here https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/sho....php?t=5865298 Have requested for this thread to be locked

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