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Hi i would like to know what to do to my epq and improve on:
The project has allowed me to explore to a great depth a topic not only of great interest to me, but one that will bear great importance in my future as a pharmacologist. I have gained knowledge not simply of what the drug’s effects are ,but how it could have potential therapeutic use in the future and why scientists want to use this specific drug. This strengthens my belief and understanding of the drug and how a powerful drug like DMT could potentially be used as a medicine in the upcoming years. By fully showing the counter arguments to my beliefs, no matter how strong, it has allowed me to construct a stronger response, thereby strengthening my inceptive argument and by using not only my own thoughts, but those of renowned scientists gives greater weight to these arguments. The need for a well planned layout, to make full benefit of the points expressed within an essay has become clear whilst writing my discussion.

During the research, I referred to many different sources from websites with limited scientific research on DMT to books that were aimed at practicing medical professionals The importance of analysing and assessing not only the information presented in the source but the reliability of the author has become noticeable, most specifically when using information that is sourced from the internet. For example,a drug-related topic like DMT can provoke strong viewpoints, and with no limits or restrictions as to what can be posted online the ability to access the validity of a source is of great importance.

As DMT is a drug being currently investigated by scientists for potential therapeutic use in the future;in this project I barely scraped the surface, the project could be extended to no end to enclose these .I would go to the ends of the earth and find all the sources that explored DMT in a large detail because in this essay, however that would not be reasonable. I covered the broad basis in this essay by exploring examples of DMT being used on humans and animals,which is not a bad thing at all because at the end scientists do have to find a way of potentially using DMT as a medicine in the future ,since exploring the effects of the drug both on humans and animals is essential but I would have liked to extend my investigation to other type of drugs too.

The project could be extended by looking at other type of drugs and compare the type of drugs , see whether they can be used as a medicine too and see whether or not they are as effective as other type of drugs. I would extend this and also find reliable sources of other drugs’ medicinal properties. Looking at the effectiveness of others and how different type of drugs play a part to the body when they are taken and what are the risks of those when taken. In doing so greater strength could be added to the conclusion of why, especially in medical research of DMT being used as a medicine or not.
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Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

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