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To what extent does the bombing of Dresden in the second world war justified?

To what extent can Nixon Vietnamization policy be considered a success?

To what extent were the Soviet five year plans successful

Could anyone help me choose which one would possibly be the best choice for a History IA essay. If you could come with better questions or improve the ones listed, that would be great.
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To what extent were the Soviet five year plans successful?
This will be the best topic for your IA paper. By choosing this topic, your main focus will be to look at the factors that contributed towards the development of Soviet-Five year plan, the objectives that were to be achieved through the plan and the extent with which the plan has been implemented. The key components of the five-year plan will also need to be looked at for a better understanding. Again, the research paper will look at the success of the implementation plan by comparing the initial objective and the results attained during the implementation. Knowing extent to which the five-year plans have succeeded will lead to right recommendations being made. The recommendations will inform any other plans that may be developed to attain similar objectives in other parts of the world. The choice of this topic is also based on the fact that a lot of literature has been availed for the same, thus making it easy to research of the topic. Having ready literature is considered an important part of the study because the researcher will have all the required materials to study, compare, and make a conclusion from.

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