multiculturalism and diversity in social work practice

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Im currently doing my dissertation and would appreciate if social workers and social work students could help by answering the qiestions bellow.

  • 1- As a social worker how would you describe your professional preparedness to work with diverse populations?
  • 2- What personal and professional characteristics do social workers attribute to hindering or impeding culturally responsive service delivery?
  • 3- What personal and professional characteristics do social workers attribute to helping or facilitating culturally responsive service delivery?
  • 4- Do you think social work practice in the UK is culturally sensitive and inclusive or if follows a standardized ethnocentric model? Please elaborate.
  • 5- Are there any conflicting values and how do you deal with that issue?
  • 6- In your professional opinion, do the assessment methods used in children social work represent the needs of modern Britain?
  • 7- Do you think that allocating social workers from the same cultural or ethnic background would benefit or hinder the assessments and practice? Why?
  • 8- To what do you attribute the recent failures in children’s social work practice?
  • 9- How could children’s social work improve?
  • 10- What impact do you think cultural diversity, ethnicity and religious values have in immigrants views of social work in the UK?

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