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the activation energy of a particle is the minimum kinetic energy the particle must have so when it collides in the right orientation in breaks the bond of the other reactant to enable it to react


The activation energy of a reaction is the minimum energy that must be supplied to the reactants so that the reactant particles can all have activation energy so when they collide in the right orientation they break the other reactants bonds enabling a reaction to occur in larger quantities as shown on the balanced equation

I get confused with the switch of the use activation energy of particle and reaction
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(Original post by utv)
the activation energy of a particle
There is no activation energy of a particle.

There is activation energy for a specific reaction.

Every different reaction has a different activation energy.

A specific reaction can have a lower activation energy if a catalyst was used.


This activation energy must be possessed by the reactant particles in the form of kinetic energy in order to react.

It doesn't matter which one reactant has more kinetic energy.
Maybe reactant 1 is super fast and collides with reactant 2 which is super slow where the total energy is above the activation energy [like for example a train (reactant 1) colliding with a person running towards it (reactant 2)]
or both reactant 1 and reactant 2 have moderate speeds but the total energy is above the activation energy [like 2 fast cars driving towards each other colliding]


Hope that helps!

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