Okay this sounds stupid but is pregnancy possible this way?

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Okay I'll try to explain everything as best as I can remember. First of im a virgin I've never had sex, oral, penetrative, manual, I've never even seen my partner naked! Anyways please bare with me. Last saturday, march 23, I was on a bus drive back home from a competion, so of course they would be no sex at all. Regardless im still a teenanger so all we did was makeout for a while and cuddle. When we stopped for a restroom break , he went down while I stayed in the bus. This is gross im sorry, I stayed and covered my self to check if I was wet. And I was so I had to go clean my hands. No panic yet, this started when he told me he had precum whe he went and peed. Now im freaking out that IF I touched precum that could've passed through his jeans and when I touched my self got my self pregnant. Is it possible for sperm to penetrate two layes of clothing, survive in my hand, and make it's way to fertilize? I'll add that I was on my 5th period day and my last two cycles have been exactly 37 days so im not even sure if I could ovulate this soon. Before leaving the competion he also went to go pee/ he says he hasn't masturbated in a while so would ther be any sperm? Has anyone gotten pregnant by touching sperm on some type of fabric and indirectly transferred sperm into themselves? Im not even completely sure if I touched him; my hand was not wet or sticky until of course I touched myself with my own fluid, so would I even have any precum( then again sperm is microscopic? Im seriously freaking out and It's affecting my school and personal life! Please please help!
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Yh you’re unfortunately pregnant mate cuz you know that sperm can quantum tunnel through everything and end up in ur ovary anytime it leaves the tests.

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