Conversational vs checklist-based interviews?

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I've had several interviews and have found that some of them - the ones I do best in - involve smaller/medium-sized organisations where the interviewers have read my CVs/application statements and we end up forming a conversation. It also helps me learn what the employees are like there, and personally prefer these types of interviews where it's more conversational, where the interviewers also learn more about what I'm like as a person personality-wise.

I've had interviews which have literally been the interviewers having a checklist of questions to go through and do not deviate at all from them. I've found it hard to connect with the interviewers and personally, makes me think the organisation is perhaps bureaucratic; perhaps the decisions are made by people who just see the checklist and are not the interviewers! The organisation might be a big househould name though and sound really good on paper.

Does anyone feel the same way and are these sorts of impressions accurate? If not, is there anyway of say being able to connect more with the interviewer in the latter case scenarios, or just accept the way it is?

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