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Hello, I have ASD and ADHD and am very seriously considering making Lancaster my firm choice for Biology. What I would like to know is what kind of support is offered and if there are any autistic Lancaster students here, how has your experience been? What support do you receive? Also, at an applicants visit day I went to in February I noticed that is no central students union building or general area for all students to hang out aside from the outdoor square and college bars. Has anyone found this to hinder the process of making friends? A lot of other unis seem to have this kind of space and I’m worried that I will isolate myself as there is no central building to gravitate towards.

Any other advice or comments would be really helpful, I am very scared about starting uni. Also, I will be 20 when I start and am a bit worried about being the oldest in my hall but also not very independant. Oh also, do Lancaster have a screening process for putting people in accommodation together or is it random? And would DSA be able to suggest I have an en-suite room? I would also consider staying on campus for 2nd year, it that considered a bit weird?

I’m really sorry for all the questions, I just like to know what I’m getting myself into.
See you there! Look out for the guy in the black jeans and jacket

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