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Is anyone doing their GCSE Spanish Speaking exam this Friday? If so how are you revising because I am clueless.
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Did mine today. Honestly didn't think the pic discussion or the role play was too difficult but that does depend on which ones you get (My role play was me applying for a job, picture was a musical event and after I had to talk about a musical event i attended recently, my opinion on them and if i would like to be a singer/ performer). Make sure you learn certain phrases that you can apply to most things and remember them so you can recall them when you are thinking a lot faster. For the general conversation make sure you: 1) Remember your presentation (of course). 2) Make sure you have a variety of tenses and phrases in your presentation e.g. imperfect subjunctive and some idioms. 3) Make sure you ask your teacher at least two questions (i would say) in your conversation. Include one at the end of your presentation. 4) Think about what your teacher might ask you after your presentation because the exam is supposed to be conversation, so its supposed to flow well so you can predict before hand what your teacher could ask you so you prepare answers for those questions. My exam board is edexcel btw. Good luck
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