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BTEC level 3 National Extended Diploma Health and Social Care UNIT 11

Can anybody help me with UNIT 11? I don't get any of it. Like at all. Psychological Perspectives - Using theory to understand, manage and treat human behaviours.

The case studys are Andy and Kiera. I am struggling SO much, to the point I could cry. Thanks in advance.

P1: How psychological perspectives are applied to the understanding of human development.
P2: How psychological perspectives contribute to the understanding of specific human behaviours
P3: The contribution of psychological perspectives to the management and treatment of different service users’ behaviours
P4: Supporting the management and treatment of behaviours
M1: Analysis of the contribution of psychological perspectives to understanding human behaviours
M2: The value of factors that influence human behaviours when applying psychological perspectives to their management and treatment
Did you manage to get help with this, I’m really struggling too
P3- Explain how different factors influence human development and specific plssssssssssssssssss

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