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How is hyde presented as violent?

Firstly Hyde is demonstrated as violent where Stevenson describes Jekyll duality complex as a “devil that had been long caged, and came out roaring”. From the use of a hyperbole, Stevenson is emphasising Hydes evil side as cumulating to an extent I’m which he can no longer control. This impression is given through the comparison of Jekyll’s hidden alter ego, to being “long caged” Furthermore the common noun “caged” and the verb “roaring”, Hyde is insinuated as an animal who is trapped and confined. This illustrates Hyde as violent, as caged animals are usually more aggressive because of their lack of free will. In addition this is interpretation is reinforced by Stevensons from the ‘Origin of Species’ by Charles Darwin. Darwin stated that humans have a common ancestor with ape while discrediting the Christian view of God creating man in-his image. Perhaps Stevenson uses this to reveal how Hydes tendencies are normal. Linking to where Stevenson uses a simile, to reiterate how Natural in nature it is to be “ape-like”, therefore justifying Hydes actions. On the one hand this may demonstrate that hyde is violent, as a result of repression to fit into society an “conceal” pleasures. Alternatively Stevenson could be conveying violence inevitable, therefore normalising the Hydes actions. Overall, forcing the reader to reflect on the secrecy within themselves and how close they are to revealing their inner Hyde.

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