MSc Clinical Psychology at University of Nicosia

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So I'll be graduating from Middlesex University (Dubai branch) with my BSc in Psychology with Counselling Skills and I was looking to apply for masters programs that are comprehensive and incorporate practicum in their course. The MSc in Clinical Psychology at University of Nicosia (in Cyprus) seems to have a course as such and I was wondering if anyone here had applied to the place before or is currently studying there ?
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Hi there, no idea about Psychology Masters there, but would it be accredited to the BPS?
I visited Warwick uni Psychology dept recently and they stressed how important accreditation was...

I did a quick sanity check here
and only found one international Master, in Greece somewhere (UoCardiff in Athens). Not yet Nicosia, unless I looked in the wrong place!

You are already very international, so maybe you'll be aiming at MENA or maybe USA, so different rules (APA) might apply?

My frequent visits to Nicosia over the last 5-years , half the city is a sort of northern slum - wrong word - sorry, nice slum (certainly compared to Dubai) where poor people sit in their doorsteps and children in bare feet play in the roads - the southern half is only a bit strangled by the division. I do really like the country, have spent time in both halves (and previously I traveled/worked in KSA & Yemen). The young locals (on both sides) are quite keen on unification. Which is great news, but will be slow. The University is modern, quite close to a British sector, which will *probably* still be there after Brexit (I only read one story that there might be pressure to cede sovereignty, and I didn't believe it)

Strange random data point, when the unaffordable iPhone X was launched last year, an economist article revealed where in the world you could quickly earn the money to buy a shiny apple X. Of course, top was Zürich in CH (one day's average salary , can't remember), second was Geneva, CH but third highest 'best paid' was Nicosia, taking a surprisingly similar short time to earn enough for that phone. I didn't notice that amount of visible wealth on display, in fact prices were always reasonable, but there might be an interesting local market for your practical skills after your Masters.

hope you find some more cogent data, Google Maps had a few 5-star reviews, but probably for UG courses.

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