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Hey, we have just finished our Year 10 mocks at our school and AQA combined science is the most important subject to me. I'm concerned at my Biology score as that reduced my grade by quite a bit. We have only done paper 1 for all biology, chemistry and physics. I got grade 6 in physics with 33/70, grade 5 in chemistry with 23/70 and biology... yeah that was a grade 2. Does anyone know any past papers for paper 2? We are having a topic 5 test on homeostasis in 2 week time and I want to nail the biology paper. I have done some and got 32/45 or higher each time from various websites. I just want to know if there is any more revision sites. Thanks
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Same, Science is my favourite subject - hoping to get 8s or 9s in it. There's only the specification past paper on the AQA website atm, you can use that but if the test is only on homeostasis, you're better off revising that.

Quizlet has loads of quizzes to use:

Youtube playlist with questions to test yourself at the end:

BBC Bitesize:

Does your school have Educake? It's awesome for quick Q & A

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