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How does Orwell use the pigs to present the theme of corruption?
Animal Farm acts as an allegory and an extended metaphor of the bruitality, and hardships of the Russian revolution.During the beginning of the novella , the name "Manor Farm" , is changed to "Animal Farm" in the hope to fulfil the animalism ideals and to act as a catalyst for change away from the capitalist ideology of Mr Jones ; the changing of the name is significant* because , it mirrors the historic name change to the USSR , within Russia, and society's adjustment to communism , in which the traits of that are embodied within animalism.
Within the novella , the pigs are portrayed as some of the "more intelligent animals" , which is significant as the events move on , as ultimately , they use this advantage as a corruption of power against the other , less intelligent animals , in which Orwell uses the pigs as an allegory to represent the leaders of the Russian revolution.
During the exposition of the novella , the pigs are presented as good leaders , with somewhat good intentions due to wanting to be free of the tyranny of Mr jones and humanity , and have hope to abolish this way of life for all the animals on the farm , after the event of Mr jones neglecting to feed them.After Old major's speech on abolishing capitalism , due to man being "the root cause of hunger", and introducing ideas of Animalism , the pigs lead the revolution due to being more educated , and seemingly present themselves as good leaders , out for good intentions , by even introducing things as such as the 7 commandments. However , this is ironic because , the pigs taking charge and immediately being labelled as "more intelligent" foreshadows the corruption of power that is to follow.
Early on , it is discovered that "the milk had disappeared" , in which the reader is exposed to a glimpse of the pig's rising power , as they begin to obtain milk and apples as levels of small scale corruption , instantly setting them apart from other animals and making them "more equal than others". In order to justify the pigs actions , the likes of Squealer manipulates the other animals(the proletariat) lack of discernment by indoctrinating them into believing his excuses for breaking the rules , and whatever he says .
To develop this , as the novella progresses , and life for the other animals admittedly worsens , as Napoleon's (the leader of the farm , also representing the historical figure Stalin)power rises , and treatments become harsher , the pigs are shown to have become fatter through "Squealer was so fat" , in order for them gaining weight to act as a metaphor for gaining more material wealth and power throughout he farm ; the pigs clearly begin to abuse their leadership by only joining in at work during "critical moments" , and assign themselves more superior to the less intelligent animals . As a result of this , the changing and shift in actions of the pigs , may be used in order to reflect the breakdown of the seven comandemts , and how they are beginning to change in order ot legalise the pigs transgressions.
Furthering this , this is proven when the pigs justify that they are now sleeping in beds , which goes against the original commandments , by slightly altering the commandemens to "no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets" ,as a result of this , it obfuscates the other animals because they are unable to read or write , and so are naïve enough to believe the lies as such as Squealers as ultimately , he has the power to "turn black into white " , by using lies and moulding them into the truth , by abusing language by either radically simplifying it ( for example) "4 legs good 2 legs bad" or unessecarily complicating it in order to limit the term of a debate and a counter argument , as the other animals are unable to disagree due to their lack of understanding and so therefore are indoctrinated into following this Stalinist regime.
As a result of Squealer's characters corruption of power , one may imply that he represents propaganda , and Pravda , the Soviet newspaper during the context of the novella because , the use of Squealer is an an atronym for gossiping and spreading views , in which Squealer acts as a propagandist and spokesperson for Napoleon , in order to reflect how propaganda acted as Stalin's way to indoctrinate the masses and manipulate them into not questioning his regime.
Moreover , the ideao of pigs representing the theme of corruption , is also evident when Napoleon takes the puppies and makes himself accountable for "their education" because , it reinforces how due to his greater understanding and known pressence , he is able to control the animals through fear by using them to fight opposition , and so as a results forces any opposition to pillicate disagreement , in which mirrors the use of Stalin's secret police for the same reasons.
Also , corruption takes form in other aspects other than the pigs actions , one of which being religion . Moses acts as a symbol of religion , and how he leaves but then come backs to symbolise that everlasting hope throughout the proletariat through the context but also the other animals as if they carry on the "work harder" , there is light for them in the future , and there will be a rewarding afterlife in Sugar Candy Mountain (heaven).
Adding to this , linking this back to the pigs and Squealer's actions , Squealers constant manipulation of the truth , reflects his moral conscience , or lack there of. This is because , Squealers lack of moral conscience and being amoral , juxtaposes with the strong religious beliefs and the idea of religion being the 'opiate of the masses' ,and that if one followed orders and a good moral life, they'd end up in Sugar Candy Mountain , and so as a result he uses this as another form of indoctrination in order to corrupt the minds of the animals further.
At the end of the novella , the pigs change the name of the farm back to Manor Farm , and ultimately the Utopian society tha had been the goal at the beginning of the novella has now returned back to the totaletarien and distiopian society that it once was , while under the rule of Mr jones.As a result of this cyclical nature , one may imply that Orwell has created this in order to not only reflect the failed attempt of the Russian revolution , but to also reflect the cyclical nature of the tyranny of man.
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