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Unfortunately, we can measure the correlation between post-traumatic growth and life satisfaction all we like but doing so will never reveal whythese two variables are related. Fortunately, psychologists are in the business of finding out how and why psychological phenomena are related to each other. So that’s what we’ll do. Self-awareness refers to our ability to look inwards and examine our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is considered important for making sense of what has happened to us – both the good and the bad – and it is considered an important contributor to our future decision-making. Both you and a colleague agree that this construct is likely to be important in relation to post-traumatic growth. But how so? How might it explain the relationship between post-traumatic growth and life satisfaction? Your colleague thinks of self-awareness as a stable trait, something that we possess and which allows us to benefit from any post-traumatic growth we happen to experience. Not only have we grown from a traumatic event, but we are aware of this growth and can make full use of it – harness it – going forward. This would make us more confident and more positive about the future, and give us a better outlook about ourselves and our life overall. Conversely, in the absence of self-awareness any post-traumatic growth we achieve will be unknown to us. And what’s the good of growing if you don’t know that you have grown and have no idea what to do with this growth?
YOUR COLLEAGUE.So your friend conducts a study to test the following research question: Is the positive relationship between post-traumatic growth and life satisfaction dependent on a person’s level of self-awareness?
But you aren’t convinced. You not only do not agree that self-awareness is stable/fixed, you actually propose that increasing self-awareness is one of the benefits of post-traumatic growth. Yes, the traumatic event was distressing and disruptive, but you have survived and are now better equipped to deal with future distressing and disruptive events. Why? Because you have a much better understanding and appreciation of yourself. That is, you propose that the reason that post-traumatic growth is related to life satisfaction is because post-traumatic growth causes greater self-awareness and it is this greater self-awareness that then causes greater life satisfaction.
YOU.So you conduct a study to test the following research question: Is the positive relationship between post-traumatic growth and life satisfaction due to the positive effects of post-traumatic growth on self-awareness?

THE QUESTION:Both you and your colleague suspect that self-awareness may be important to the relationship between post-traumatic growth and life satisfaction, but you two obviously conceptualise the role of self-awareness very differently. Demonstrate that you understand how you and your colleague differ by correctly identifying the different role that each variable plays in your studies. Please only select a single role for each variable listed (i.e., select only one option in each row), once in the context of your colleague’s study, and once in the context of your study. [all answers need to be correct in order to earn TWO marks for this question]

Variables in your colleague’s study WHICH ARE IV, WHICH ARE DV
Post-traumatic growth (PTGI)
Life satisfaction (PWI)
Self-Consciousness (SCS-R)
Variables in your study
Post-traumatic growth (PTGI)
Life satisfaction (PWI)
Self-Consciousness (SCS-R)
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