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I am interested in applying to Glasgow for Common Law (Graduate Entry).

Does anyone study Common Law or Law at Glasgow and would like to share your views? Do they have enough English Law academics? Will Common Law students have enough support from university eg. library resources, mooting etc for English Law students? (Or generally will there be limited resources and facilities for English law students in Scotland.) How many Common Law students are there normally each year. and will I be among very few international students in Glasgow law school? (I heard Glasgow is very Scottish and not so diverse)

I am sure Glasgow Law school is good but kind of worry that studying English law in Scotland will put me at a disadvantage, (harder to secure a training contract or pupilage, relatively less or even no opportunities to do mini pupilage and go to English courts.)

I really like the programme structure of Glasgow as I am interested in Jurisprudence and Roman Law and would really like to study them at university. Although some English universities do offer Jurisprudence but few offer Roman Law except Oxbridge.

Alternatively I will do a GDL at City University of London maybe followed by a LLM. I have an overseas degree so I just think maybe it is better that I do a two-year LLB so I will have a proper UK degree and I can study a few more optional modules which interest me.

I was not aware that Glasgow also taught common law so I only applied to Cambridge, LSE and QMUL and they all rejected me for different reasons (didnt do well at interview, unconvincing ps and my first degree is not a preferred strong subject). SOAS has two-year LLB too but their reputation seems poor and I am not interested in Asian and African law at all. I am definitely reapplying to all of them and Glasgow if I decide not to do a GDL and Glasgow seems to be the uni that I have a higher and realistic chance to get into plus I like the programme.

I have never been to Glasgow and I am not familiar with Scotland and its culture; living in Scotland and calling it home for two years is also my concern. I also worry that London law firms and employers don't favour a Glasgow degree.

tldr: is common law at Glasgow any good if I want to pursue a legal career in London.

Any advice and opinion will be really appreciated. Many thanks.
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