3 weeks till 2nd year uni exams

Juvia L
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Is this enough time to do well.. ive done well on my course work so im a bit les stressed.
How would you approach revision now?
Liverpool Hope University
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I'm not sure whether or not this is or isn't as it really depends on the course and individual. Here are a few tips though to help with the revision you have ahead!

Tip 1 - Put together a timetable
Whether or not you have a long or short period of time ahead of you for revising the first thing I would suggest is to put together a schedule. If you put together a schedule you can plan your time efficiently. Planning your time effectively means you can also leave some additional time aside for those difficult to learn topics that every subject has.

Tip 2 - Use a study space / method that is right for you
We are all different learners so make sure not to follow the trend of what your friends are doing as they may be different learners to yourself. If you like working in complete silence without distractions then make sure your study environment reflects that. In addition to this ensure that you revise in a similar way, if you are an audible learner you could recite facts about the topic and record them to play them back etc.

Tip 3 - Don't just focus on topics that you are good at
One issue people can have when revising is to put off the topics either they are not good at or do not like. Make sure to give a fairly balanced approach to you revision but be sure to give the extra time where it is needed.

Tip 4 (sort of) - Have some snacks / music to accompany revision
Having water, snacks and some music (not-lyrical) can be a great way to keep in the zone without making it feel like a stale environment.

These are very basic but sometimes useful to have yourself reminded of!

I hope this helps!


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