Does anyone have a good way to study so I can take a lot of information in quickly? Watch

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Need some advice for study plans for over the next few weeks, suggestions are appreciated
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(Original post by Aaron_0610)
Need some advice for study plans for over the next few weeks, suggestions are appreciated
This is one that will vary quite a lot person to person, and also subject to subject. I didn't use any groundbreaking or new revision techniques but found making mindmaps and posters really helpful. I made a mindmap for most subtopics over the course of the year, but the posters I just made for areas I struggled with, so then I had to think more carefully about how I communicated it (i.e. had to understand it better!) and was also more inclined to spend longer (productively!) on topics I didn't like.
Another way I found quite useful was explaining stuff to other people, as to be able to explain something well, you need to understand it, rather than purely memorise it.

I'm sure others will have other suggestions, but those are some of the things that worked for me! Hope your exams go well
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Okay so for my prelims I basically looked on the SQA website and found the course specification for my subjects an then I went through and picked out what we had covered (obviously you will have covered everything by now) I picked out the topics I struggled with and made a mindmap for them and if you have went over things recently then it is easier to keep information in your head if you have went through it recently. Do some past paper and pick out common questions and make flashcards or just make a note of them if possible try and stick posters/ mindmaps or anything around your bedroom.

Honestly I think the best way for languages is just to keep doing practice listenings and readings and then my friends who can actually do languages say that learning your grammar by just continually practicing it helps. Honestly I hate languages (god knows why I took french and spanish) so I don't revise them oops, but I think just doing past papers is the best.

Once you can do all everything and understand it then doing practice questions and problem solving ones are the best because most of the time when they ask you questions it is in a problem solving context so again past papers.

I don't do socials so I couldn't really tell you (dropped geography after S3) but if I was to guess maybe mindmaps?

Honestly not a clue I've wrote my quotes out on flashcards but I'm having a difficult time remembering them.

Okay that's all the main subjects covered, I don't do any other subjects apart from music. But if you want more subject specific picks see if there is a forum for your subject and level and ask there.

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