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Just have a few questions and wondering what everybody thinks

1. Do you guys think it's important to follow the order of the spec?
2. Is writing notes an effective way to revise, or is it a bit pointless?
3. Is it better to revise with a group or alone?
4. What's the hardest subject to revise, and why?
5. Is it just me that finds revising languages hard? (I never know what to revise, considering there's endless words I need to know)
6. How often do you revise?
7. Is it okay to watch TV and revise at the same time?
8. Do we rely on revision guides too much?
9. Is revising on ur computer/phone an effective way to work?
10. What's better: doing past papers or or making revision resources?
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1. I dont think so, as long as you cover it all and keep to whats in it, then thats fine.
2. I personally write notes, it probably does more than just reading the revision source, so if something goes in, why not?
3. I like revising with a group, but although its more fun, you get distracted more, which is annoying. So i do both to balance that out.
4. Personally for my choices, Science because of all the content, phrasing of questions, and the exam board wanting really picky answers (AQA)
5. Yes, I just try and pick up whatever i can, im trying to remember my speaking like a script and hopefully that'll work, feel free to try that if you're struggling.
6. As much as I can, whenever I have free time, so nearly daily but some days I just don't have effort to XD
7. Probs not, it's just another distraction to you not revising, so just watch it later XD
8. Yeah, I've been using the Seneca website recently, much better than using the books only
9. Yeah, Seneca, HegartyMaths, all sorts of good sites for revision are out there, so I would say yes
10. I want to do past papers, but I can't motivate myself, but if you can, I would personally do them, so you can find your weak spots and build on it.

Well that was a fun 5 minutes away from revision XD hoped that helped you though
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About whether writing notes for revision is effective - depends on how you learn. If you learn better when you listen to someone speaking, it's not going to do you good writing notes. And you would still need to practice exam questions afterwards.

I find maths the hardest to revise sometimes, because you can practice all the exam questions in the world, but the exam board will phrase it differently or combine several topics into one question. And they can ask you anything on the spec, unlike other subjects where the papers only contain certain topics.

Personally, I don't find revising languages hard, except for listening. It's hard to revise that, other than listening to French native speakers. Though it is also hard to revise all of the vocab.

I try to do 2hrs revision everyday, or at least that's what my school recommends.

I think some people do rely on revision guides too much - I certainly do. Revision guides are good for condensing the material, but they might miss out vital bits of information you need to know. It's a bother having to look at the spec and see what bits the revision guides have left out.

Revising on your computer and phone is good to revise - you can use websites like Seneca and Anki, which are quicker than writing on paper and making notes, etc.

I think doing past papers might be better than making your own revision resources, simply because you can practice exam technique and you know the style of the exam paper. But making your own revision resources is effective because of something called the "generation effect" (got confused with the generator effect for a sec there, damn Physics), which says that you retain more information if you actively produce material rather than use someone else's revision resources.

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