AQA GCSE Science Triple Higher Required Practicals June 2019

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I am writing this because I want to help out my fellow scientists that take AQA Science alongside me (if you have not done your mocks for the june papers yet, stop reading please )
As I have just recently done my P2 mocks last week, I have just started revising P1 topics again. We know that at least 15 marks in each paper will be based on the required practicals. Since we have had a live examination of a set of papers, we know which required practicals have come up and which required practicals did not come up. Because of this, we can infer that AQA would be more likely to put the required practicals into the next set of papers. I am making a list of required practicals that weren't examined in the june 2018 papers.

PLEASE NOTE: Required Practicals that are on this list are not definite on coming up in the next set of triple higher papers. Make sure to revise all of the required practicals as you may get a question based on any required practical. Also, make sure that you know all the required practicals for both paper 1 and paper 2 for each of the papers. I am only saying this because Paper 2 required practicals could come up in Paper 1 (this happened in june 2018 where the rate of decay, a paper 2 required practical, appeared as the last question on paper 1).

Biology required practicals that did not appear:
1. Microscopy (P1)
2. Effect of pH (P1)
3. Photosynthesis (P1)
4. Reaction Time (P2)

Chemistry required practicals that did not appear:
1. Variables that affect temperature changes (P1)
2. Water Samples (P2)

Physics required practicals that did not appear:
1. Specific Heat Capacity
2. Thermal Insulators
3. Density
4. Acceleration
5. Waves
6. Radiation and Absorption

I may be wrong about these - some questions may fall under these (for example the wave front question on paper 2 physics) but I don't think that question falls under the required practical. Tell me if I am wrong and I will fix it.

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