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Hello there and happy Monday. Especially lovely weather in Bournemouth today, so hopefully everyone is enjoying the sunshine

Let's talk about UCAS Extra. Maybe you’ve come across this term, but you’re not sure what it is and if it can benefit you? :dontknow: We’re here give you some more information and hopefully answer some of your burning questions about UCAS Extra, so please keep on reading.:thumbsup:

In short, UCAS Extra allows a second chance at gaining a university offer by adding an extra choice. It runs from 25 February to 4 July and is the official process for students who have made their five initial application choices, but have not received any offers from universities, or for those who have declined the offers they have received.

So, if you’ve applied to your 5 choices and haven’t received an offer from any of them, you can choose an extra option thanks to UCAS Extra. Or, if you have declined your offer/offers, because you are not happy with your initial choice of university, or you decided you want to do a different course, or any other type of change of heart, then UCAS Extra enables you to submit another choice. :top:

However, there are some conditions to how UCAS Extra works which you should be aware of before submitting your extra choice, so please have a read through the UCAS website and our news story on all the details about UCAS Extra.

But to keep it short and sweet, the university application process is so much more fluid now. Being rejected or changing your mind at this time of your application journey is absolutely fine and you have the option to make an extra choice at this point or apply through Clearing later on. And let’s make it clear that finding your place at university through Extra or Clearing does not make your offer any less of an achievement, so don’t stress. The door is still open. :youbetcha:

You can still apply

Also worth mentioning is that if you haven’t submitted all your five choices or any choices through the initial UCAS application process, which ran until 15th January, you can still apply to universities during the Extra period. You only need to check if your choice of course and university are accepting applications during the Extra period.

We are still open for applications to our Sport, Exercise and Health Science courses, our Psychology courses and our Chiropractic course:

Have a look at our website for more details on the courses and feel free to contact our helpful Admissions team at [email protected] who would love to chat with you. And, of course, don’t hesitate to ask me anything. I’ll try to reply as fast as I can. And until then, have a fab rest of the week and stay positive! :hello:

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