I am a Pakistani girl, who's in love with a black guy. My parents won't approve. Watch

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My boyfriend and I've been dating for a year now. He lives far from me so he's coming to visit me ( that'll be his anniversary gift) . I am 19, and he's 22. I know we both are still very young and growing ( we both have heard that a million times). Basically i wanted to tell my mother about him before he comes to meet me soon. And so i told her Everything about him. The way he is, the way he treats me, and that he makes me happy and that he can actually deal with my psycho ass lol. My mother was veryy happy after knowing this. She even encouraged to continue the relationship. Anyway after all that I showed her his picture ( tho she knew he was black b4 seeing his picture) she instantly tells me to breakup because he's too dark and "ugly". This drama goes on for 2-3 days, where i kept on telling her that how wrong she is and that skin tone doesn't matter. Somehow my dad notices the awkward distance between my mother and I and my mother tells him everything. My dad told me to focus on studies and earning money. When time comes for me to marry he will let me decide. He doesn't care about race or skin colour. that's what he said. And that to not talk to him " for a while". He said if our relationship is from God, he'll agree. Till then don't contact him. My bf and i still talk tho..

My major worry rn is what if my mother manipulates my dad's thinking...
Another is what do i do. Who do I choose. My bf or parents. I love them both so much. I'll regret leaving my bf for my parents. I can tell how much I'll regret..
We don't want to marry instantly. He's willing to wait. And I'll be a doctor as they want me to be. All we want my parents is to approve of this relationship so it won't be a secret. What do I do?
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If your dad is fine, it’s all good tbh
Just make sure you Stay on your dads side maybe your mum has a bit of a race thing
My mum does do (Pakistani here) she won’t let me go out with my mate sad.

Hope it goes well!!

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