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Good morning, fellas! I applied for MSc Software Systems Engineering programme about two months ago, and I am still waiting for a response, but in the meantime I got admitted to the Technical University of Denmark, and they expect a confirmation by May 1, so I will have very little time to decide between the two school once I get a response from UCL. So I am trying to weigh my options and get some advice from people having studied there themselves, be it in the Computer Science dep't or not. Apart from the obvious pros and cons of UCL (like its great rep, London location, also being hella expensive), users of Reddit told me it's way overcrowded, lectures being held in hotel conference rooms, not being able to find a seat - stuff you should not go through for $17,000. Also, the student satisfaction in the rankings is downright abysmal, ranking in the bottom 5 in every category. I guess, this is for both grads and undergrads alike, so the situation might vary a lot. On the other hand, I'm sure you meet many awesome people from all over, can participate in different societies, clubs, etc. It's very hard to make a decision... That's why I need some more first-hand input from you guys! Would you recommend going there if I get in?
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I got this offer too. It is very difficult to find any information or former students on this course on the internet.
Can someone share information or resourses on this course please?

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