Struggling to overcome feelings of worthlessness/hopelessness

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EDIT: Definitely feeling better this morning, struggling to sleep definitely plays a role in how I feel

Im getting better at coping but it’s really tough. Sometimes I just feel not only worthless but I feel like something can set me off cause me to scream,cry sometimes I feel like I just want to punch stuff or even hit my head against the wall. This is usually in the evenings

One thing that’s helped definitely is beating the temptation to vent on Reddit and to definitely not post a pic of myself asking “am I ugly” or “am I fat”. (This is always a big temptation for me but it serves to be counter productive whenever I do post something)

These things are disturbing me in real life:

1.) The fact that I have no meaningful friends in uni despite being very sociable,getting involved etc. I struggle a lot to fit in despite being extroverted.

2.) Feeling like I am ugly. Feeling like I need to get rid of these blackheads, lose a couple more kg before I can be happy/successful. Feeling like I need muscle to be a desirable guy

3.) My sleep schedule . The fact that I have no social life should at least mean I can sleep decently right? But nope it’s 3am. Although I have improved recently today was ducked because I slept from 6pm to 11pm because I was just exhausted from the day. Which makes me feel awful because it means my hard work at the gym today was all for nothing

Also the lingering the thoughts in my mind surrounding me being a failure for various reasons.

Reasons why I think I’m a failure:
1.)Social life
2.)Virgin, never been on a date, never able to hook up while everyone else can. Even before I had issues of self worth no girls ever felt an interest in me
3.)failure at the gym (but things are starting to improve now)
4.)being ugly

I’m going on holiday in a few weeks but at this rate I will just be unhappy while at the beach
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