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Hello guys,

I got offers from both Glasgow Uni and Dundee Uni, and currently I cannot decide where should I go. Both seem to be the top schools in Scotland and have very good rankings (I understand that Glasgow is kinda more prestigious). Courses I applied for are Software Engineering - Glasgow and Applied Computing - Dundee.

So my question is whether there is someone who is studying these courses on mentioned unis and what is your experience so far. Also, what do you think is better place to study and live in.

I would like to join water polo club there and play, too. So if anyone has any experience with this I will be so glad to hear about it.

Thanks for your every answer!
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Actually, Dundee is a lot lower in rankings than Glasgow. Glasgow is considered to be a top UK uni, Dundee definitely not. Dundee isn’t even considered a top Scottish uni - those are Edinburgh, St Andrews and Glasgow, and a little behind Aberdeen.

I think the better city is Glasgow by far - there’s lots going on, the uni is absolutely gorgeous, whereas Dundee is a super small city and there really isn’t much to do.

But that’s just my take
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I go to Dundee, and I absolutely love it. Yes the campus and city is small, but that does not mean there is not much to do- far, far from it. Dundee has really cool pubs and bars, cafes and shops- and is really up and coming.

The uni itself is really good, I've had no complaints so far. It's voted the best student union in Scotland- and that's definitely for a reason. The club nights are so good, people from St Andrew's come to Dundee just for a night out.

Definitely do not base your decision on league tables. I was studying at King's College in London and absolutely HATED it. I dropped out after a few months and made the move to Dundee because I was attracted to the fact that it's really up and coming, and everyone that I spoke to said it's really turned a corner within its academics and is now definitely deemed to be a very good university in scotland. I haven't looked back- I'm so happy there.

Just base your decision on what feels right, weigh everything up! I'm sure you'd be happy at Glasgow, and I'm sure you'd be happy in Dundee. It genuinely just depends on what you're looking for!

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