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I come from Taiwan, and nearly NONE of my friends outside of my school have ever heard of it at all. The only british unis they know are oxbridge and LSE (out president went there). On their other hand, everyone knows schools like MIT, stanford, ivies, caltech, berkeley.

So after I got my offer and was having dinner with some underclassmen, I told them im going to imperial, and a guy from singapore erupted and started hugging his head, while another Taiwanese guy just stared at me blankly.
I'm considering Imperial along with an lower ivy, and while I know for a certain Imperial will be as good if not better in academics (I'm doing computer engineering), I'm very concerned about its reputation, especially in tech industries outside europe (I'm most likely either working in US or Taiwan/china due to citizenship).
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Ignore your friends...there is nothing wrong with ICL (Imperial) and its international reputation...believe me. I did a Research Masters and just finished my Ph.D. at Imperial and it is well-known...maybe less so in the US, but definitely recognised across the rest of the world. I actually studied with many other students from all over the world including many from China, Taiwan, SE Asia and the EU. One of my best friends is from Taiwan. He now lives in London whilst his parents are back in Taiwan and his brother is studying in London as well. Do not worry about what other say or think, do what works for you. You will do just fine and Imperial ranks very highly compared to Oxbridge and LSE and for some disciplines they score even higher and has consistently ranked in the top 10 of world universities mixing it with most of the universities and colleges you mentioned in your post.

You'll be just fine if you choose Imperial or the lower Ivy....its up to you. All the best with your decision.

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