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How does Priestley explore responsibility in An Inspector Calls? Write about:
• the ideas about responsibility in An Inspector Calls
• how Priestley presents these ideas by the ways he writes.
[30 marks] AO4 [4 marks]

Priestley explores responsibility an Inspector Calls as an ethical characteristic which was lacked by many in the Edwardian era. The concept of responsibility differed within generational gaps. Priestley perhaps attempts to challenge society's moralities as well as the importance of responsibility despite these age differences.

In An Inspector Calls responsibility is presented as a socialist trait. Priestley conveys this through Sheila as a construct who brings forward ideas of joint responsibility when she says "we drove that girl to commit suicide" this blunt tone shocks the contemporary audience and the pronoun "we" connotes with inclusivity which showed the audience that they were all to blame for the death of Eva Smith. The theme of young and old shown here evidently as Sheila is the only one who has an understanding of proper responsibility. Moreover, Mr Birling conveys an antithesis capitalist perspective when he says to Gerald " a man must look after himself" this depicts capitalists as a whole were selfish and callous. This allows the contemporary audiences disassociation from Mr Birling and therefore all capitalistic views.

Priestley expresses responsibility as a notion which should involve other classes looking after each other. Is conveyed when Sheila tells her father " these girls aren't just cheap labour, they're people". This introduces Priestley’s belief that we should support one another. Contextually, in 1912 there was no welfare in Britain and poor people inevitably got poorer as the richer got richer. Therefore, Sheila's statement was done by Priestley to remind society of the current situation. Furthermore, Priestley retains this idea when the inspector places the image of "women counting their pennies in their dingy black bedroom". The use of imagery here would've evoked pity on the lower class and shows that we need to top each other to avoid this. Priestley wanted the upper-class to fill this guilt to get them to act and begin to help others. In this way Priestley establishes society's responsibility to care for one another regardless of age or gender.

Attitudes towards responsibility are presented as important and evolving by Priestley. Priestley displays this change through Eric as a construct to show that change is possible. At the beginning Eric is "Half shy" "Half assertive" but he develops into a far more well-aware individual which is shown by his ability to challenge his father's capitalistic view when he asks, "why shouldn't they ask for higher wages". This marks his renouncement of his previously neutral emotions. Likewise, Sheila's change would be deemed reasonable when she states "if I could help her now I would" this further highlights higher-class perspective on lower classes. The construction of Eric and Sheila was meant to educate the audience that change is possible and also of moral principles.

By using the generational gap as well as the theme of change, Priestley managed to inform his audience of the current situation involving responsibility and how society (particularly the upper-class) can change for the better.

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