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we dont have an option of gcse astronomy in my school which sucks but does anyone have suggestions on what else i should take or be more useful for that kind of field?? etc. pe, art, cs,
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So I'm guessing you want to be an astronomer?

It really doesn't matter that you can't do GCSE astronomy. Even if you don't do the astrophysics module in A-level physics, it's not a big deal.

Just do well in your GCSEs in subjects that you enjoy, then take maths and physics A-level. To be a professional astronomer you'll probably have to do a physics or astrophysics degree or similar, and possibly a doctorate as well if you go into research. Compared to that, GCSEs don't matter that much.
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There are several ways to look at this, as there are several routes to uni and many different areas of astronomy (presumably this is an area you currently feel you probably want to work in).

Once you're 18 and out of school, you're free to choose whatever. You won't need GCSEs to do A Levels, you might not even need A Levels to go to uni. Heck you don't even need to go to a physical uni. So there's nothing to fret about right now.

But as far as GCSEs at school goes, you'll already being doing the relevant ones - Maths and Science are directly related (and eventually become the same kinda thing), while everyone needs English skills! I don't know what optional choices you have, but Geography can be related and ICT / Computing is a practical choice. Other than that, choose your favourite subjects or who has the best teachers, whatever'll get you the most enjoyment.

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