3 Mathematics A-levels or 2 Mathematics A-levels and 1 Physics A-level? Watch

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Hi, I am looking to apply to Oxford for mathematics and I don't know what A-levels to self study.

Should I do 3 A-levels in mathematics: Mathematics, further mathematics & pure mathematics


should I incorporate a diverse A-level, physics, plus 2 mathematics A-levels, mathematics & further mathematics?

What would be most beneficial in my application to Oxford?


Edit: I think I am confused on the mathematics A-levels. Pure, further and mathematics, they are all separate A-levels, correct? Or have I gotten them confused somehow?
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For UK A-levels, the old modular A-level Pure Mathematics no longer exists. It is only offered for retake students (I think for the last time this year). The new linear A-levels have A-level Mathematics and A-level Further Mathematics as the only A-level qualifications in maths.

So your only option is to take A-level Maths, Further Maths, and something else - be it A-level Physics or another subject. Take whatever third subject you think you'll do best in and/or find most interesting.


That said, applied maths (including mechanics) is a required part of the maths course at Oxford for at least the first (two?) year(s) unless you do one of the maths joint schools (e.g. maths and philosophy). However the necessary mechanics content is nominally covered in A-level Maths. There is a wider range of optional subjects in theoretical/mathematical physics offered on the course though, for which the A-level background might be useful (probably won't make much difference realistically though).

For international A-levels, "Pure Maths" is a route in A-level Maths; it's not a separate A-level. Thus, you can't take A-level Maths and Pure Maths because they are the same thing.
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